About Germasogeia

Enjoy a sub-tropical climate while relaxing in your dream property in the picturesque village of Germasogeia just minutes away from the beaches.

Narrow streets with interesting architecture, historical churches, a real village way of life. Agricultural development of the area with its river Amathos and attractive beaches are the main element for the development of the tourist industry in recent years.

Water has always been the most important element in the development of Germasogeia. Bounded by the sea in the south and to the north it has as a physical boundary, the water dam of Germasogcia, fed by the river Amathos from the mountains of Troodos . Since the water dam was built the river stopped flowing into the valley. The in-between area of 15 sq km is now the narrow dry river valley which is used for agricultural purposes. The river valley runs for several kilometres down to the coast.

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