About Arodes

Find your dream villa close to the villages of Arodhes and Kathikas in Cyprus the jewel of the Meditterannean.

Arodhes is a village in the North West of Cyprus close to the Akamus peninsula. Approximately 23 km from the town of Paphos and 8 km from the sea.  Arodhes is composed of two smaller settlements; Pano Arodhes (mainly Greek Cypriot) and Kato Arodhes (previously mainly Turkish Cypriot).

Rupert Gunnis, Inspector of Antiquities on the island at the time, described in his 1947 second edition book “Historic Cyprus” the village of Arodhes as follows:

"The mediaeval name of the village was Rhodes, the property of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem whose headquarters were until 1522 on the island of Rhodes.  "The Christian village contains the 18th Century Church of St Kelandion, an early bishop of Paphos. To the north side of the church lies the large stone sarcophagus of St Agapiticos while to the south the companion Church of St Misiticos . The village has a legend that those who wish to win the love of a person, come secretly at night and chip off a fragment of the sarcophagus of St. Agapiticos. This is powdered and placed into the loved one's drink, who will immediately fall in love with the perpetrator.  Should a person desire to quarrel with another, he/she carries out the same procedure with powdered stone from the sarcophagus of St. Misiticos. Interestingly, the latter is far more worn away than that of St. Agapiticos, explained by the fact that its powers are much in request by young men and women who wish to change their lovers."

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