About Akamas

Find your dream home in one of the most exclusive beachfront and luxurious developments in the Mediterranean. Akamas is the western most part of Cyprus, which includes the peninsula and the forest that bear the same name.

The vegetation in the region is rich with pines, wild olives and wild carobs trees. The many bush-like flora includes wild myrtle. Many wild flowers grow and with the flowering bushes present a riot of colour in the Spring.

Wild life in the region consists of goats grazing and donkeys that roam freely. There are also foxes, snakes, and other reptiles and of course many birds.

The peninsula of Akamas is the western most peninsula of Cyprus and it includes that segment which stretches from south of Aphrodite's Baths to the east. The peninsula of Akamas is surrounded by sea on three of its sides.

Several scattered remains in the region give claim to the traditions, history and heritage of Akamas. The remains of many churches and folklore state their number as 101. It is thought that Akamas suffered under the pirates’ raids, many being Arab. Looting of the villages, monastries and chapels probably explains why there are no villages in this area.

The entire region of Akamas is riddled with legends. Many names of venues, combined with geomorphologic phenomena, speak of the romances of "Rigaina" (Queen) with "Digenis", and of Aphrodite with Adonis. Such venues are Aphrodite's Baths.

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